Top model of the world is one of the most prestigious model competitions in the World, is established in 1988 in Hamburg, Germany.

Top Model of the World is registered with the “World Association of Agencies” and is continuing to work in cooperation with 450 model agencies.

Top Model of the World has organized successful competitions in many countries being Turkey the top following Germany, France, Spain, Kazakhstan, Russia, Lithuania, Romania, and Slovakia.

Top Model of the World is truly a reputable “modeling” competition
Gives a chance to young girls and young men, wish to take a step into the world of a in the Fashion and show world.

In addition, the real purpose of this competition is to promote the products of the companies in this field through the trained, qualified and new models.
Due to Top Model of the World being a profession competition the ability of the participating competitors’ will be competing not the countries. Therefore only 2 competitors per country can participate.

The models that will participate in the competition will be elected by a Cast of the leading model agencies in their own countries.
Competitors must be least 1.75 cm Toll, and in measurements of 90 -60 -90 cm and 2-3 cm in size should be tolerated.

Along with the physical properties of the contestants, how they carry and present the collections and how sympathetic they are should also be criteria.

Only 30-40 Model will be invited and a special award will be given only to the top model. All other models will receive a Top Model certificate acceptable in Europe.

Competitor models, will take part in a special shooting and special evenings organized by the sponsors.

• So far, what you watched until today was a beauty or Semi-Modeling contest. This is a real “show”.
• The contest will be presented with a very special music and consists of 5 sections such as Sportswear, Swimwear, Lingerie, Elegant and Business Women.
• In the finals, contestants will take place in the podium with an outerwear of a designer famous in their own country.
• Choreographer of the competition will be taken local or we can bring our choreographer,
• 6 weeks before the Show starts the competition will be advertised in the official site of the competition. In this advertising the sponsors’ logos will be displayed..
• We believe, voting taking place over the internet will also contribute to the promotion of the international sponsors’.

Date ;

• 3 months after the date of agreement, the organization can be the realized.

Organization and accommodation ;

• 5 Star Hotel, Full Board,(15 Single & 20 Double room).For the Final Night a Ballroom or to an open space.1000 guest.

• The Show will be broadcast over the Internet, special shots will also be published from World Fashion TV and of course local TV.
Dipl.Ing.Erhan Sargin